Brauen Wälchli Architectes

Brauen Wälchli Architectes

Doris Wälchli began her career at the Cité Interna-tionale des arts in Paris after graduating under the supervision of Luigi Snozzi and Jacques Herzog, and she subsequently worked in Barcelona and Lucerne. Ueli Brauen started out as a civil engineer in the Sultanate of Oman, where he was project manager for irrigation schemes for the Ministry of Agriculture. He then graduated in architecture under Aurelio Galfetti and Mario Botta, whose practice he joined in 1985. 

Ueli Brauen and Doris Wälchli founded Brauen Wälchli Architectes in 1990. They have both taught at architecture schools in Switzerland and internationally, and have been active in various professional associations, executive boards, urban planning committees and foundations. Doris Wälchli is currently chair of CUB, the Fondation Culture du Bâti (foundation for the culture of the built environment).

To date, Brauen Wälchli Architectes has won 30 architecture competitions and completed 50 projects. Ueli Brauen, Doris Wälchli and their team have built embassies, sports centres, museums, schools and kindergartens, residential, administrative and hospital buildings, a train maintenance facility and a palliative care hospice, bridges and footbridges, as well as redesigning a cathedral chancel area. 

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